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So that you can have sound fx readily available at all times, Sound Fishing offers sound packs for download. Organised by theme or for specific uses, these packs allow you to sound-track a live event or a project without having to gather from many different sources. All the sounds we offer you are original and unreleased. These sound effects are the property of Sound Fishing and can be used freely in all your projects. They are governed by a licence of use (LESF), tacitly granted by Sound Fishing with the full payment of sound pack. Learn more about the licences.
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SoundTrackZ vol1 - Horror Show

SoundTrackZ vol1 - Horror Show / 69,90€

A zombies attack ? An invasion of parasites or dangerous aliens but no music ? Sound TrackZ Volume 1 – Horror Show is a pack of music and sound design especially created for horror films. It consists in 10 stock musics and 8 background ambiances to design your production with a dark scary and...

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Motorized scooter sound pack

Motorized scooter sound pack / 9,90€

Part of urban mobility, motorized scooter or e-scooter doesn’t make much noise. Nevertheless, we managed to capture a complete set of sounds of an electric kick scooter. This pack consisting in 30 SFX : passby, pull away, approach and stop, on & off beeps, bell and stand.
All the...

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Bad Meat - 301 gore sound effects

Bad Meat - 301 gore sound effects / 29,90€

Blood squirts, chewed flesh, werewolf transformation, hair and limb tear off… A collection of 301 gore sound effects to mark your horror productions, a set of larger than life SFX to disgust the most sensitive and delight the most hardened.
Sound Fishing provides a construction kit, sounds to...

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Australia Nature

Australia Nature / 29,90€

A collection of pure natural sounds from Australia recorded by TheSoundHunter and produced by Sound Fishing. From the North to the South, East to the West embark this sonic trip and discover the sound of rainforests, outback and...

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Broken piano SFX pack

Broken piano SFX pack / 24,90€

A collection of broken piano sound effects especially designed for horror and suspense. 86 unusual SFX of piano in WAV format (24bit/96kHz - 888Mo) with metadata, 29mn of scary sounds.

We used a cast iron plate of an old grand piano which spent many years in a barnyard. We scrapped,...

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Halloween sound effects pack 4

Halloween sound effects pack 4 / 9,90€

Two long soundscapes of Halloween specially made for sounding, almost discreetly, a place or an event linked with Halloween. Two soundscapes ongoing and constant of 32 minutes and 34 minutes to create an atmosphere of terror without too much worry.
It is 2 long ambiences, sprinkled a few...

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Halloween sound effects pack 3

Halloween sound effects pack 3 / 9,90€

A series of sounds straight out of hell. A set of 56 new sounds for Halloween: sound effects, ambiences, production elements and music. 62 minutes of monstrous sounds ready to burn for instant download. At home in a few minutes, for only € 9.90
Consider inviting a few monsters, zombies,...

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Halloween sound effects pack 2

Halloween sound effects pack 2 / 9,90€

Second part of the packs of sound effects and atmospheres for Halloween. A set of 51 sound effects and unique atmospheres by Sound Fishing for instant download. 54 minutes of scary and disturbing sounds, at home in a few minutes, for only € 9.90
You will find all the sounds of Halloween:...

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trailer sound effects pack 1

trailer sound effects pack 1 / 29,90€

This pack includes 47 sound effects designed to revitalize and strengthen the dramatic intensity of transitions and trailers.
The pack includes 2 cold showers + 2 sweepers + 1 bed + 3 outros + 8 punches + 2 static + 29 whoosh.
A selection of 47 sounds in professional format, wav 24 bit/48...

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thriller sound effects pack 1

thriller sound effects pack 1 / 29,90€

Want to scare? The Thriller #1 sound effects pack includes 47 terrifying sounds specially created to strengthen tension, suspense and horror. A collection of short sounds for designing sequences and transitions.

The pack includes 12 whooshes + 10 sweepers + 13 cold showers + 11 punches + 1...

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Christmas sound effects pack

Christmas sound effects pack / 9,90€

Find all the sounds of Christmas. A set of 47 sounds, moods and unreleased music directed by Sound Fishing for instant download. 40 minutes of magical and snowy sounds, for only € 9.90.
You will find all the sounds of Christmas: the sleigh of Santa with his reindeer and his bells, traditional...

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Christmas magical sparkles 01

Christmas magical sparkles 01 / 9,90€

A pack of Christmas that shines of thousand splinters, a continuous and discreet atmosphere to complement the Christmas decorations. 50 minutes of sound flickering for amaze discreetly and for only € 9.90.
This soundscape is ideal for sound continuously and without overload an event, a place...

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Christmas magical sparkles 02

Christmas magical sparkles 02 / 9,90€

A pack of sounds of Christmas consisting of a discontinuous sound flickering atmosphere involving a sound magic glitter or sparkles of a few seconds per minute. 50 minutes of soundscape of Christmas for only € 9.90.
Specially designed for Christmas, this sound pack will surprise and attention...

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street musicians pack

street musicians pack / 6,00€

Street musicians recorded during various trips
The paving of the streets are their unique scene, residents their audience, and their instrument, sometimes their only way of expression. They are posted here and there in search of a look, a smile, and possibly a small room. This album is a...

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fireplace ambience pack

fireplace ambience pack / 9,90€

Made from a real wood fire, we offer a continuous atmosphere of fire. From ignition to end of fire, you will be able to live and relive all the phases and the characteristic sounds of an outbreak by the fireplace, for only € 9.90
Cracklings, breath of fire, projections and falls of embers...

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The SoundHunter sound pack

The SoundHunter sound pack / 6,00€

A series of postcards sound across Europe and Asia, a collection of soundscapes recorded and mixed by The Soundhunter.
Trip by sound : taking Stereophonic sound that I practice is a real hearing extension, it can defy the boundaries of what cannot be touched, seen, or still felt to...

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