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European and worldwide sound effect library.

All sound effect categories


ambience with bird »
A collection of atmospheres with bird songs, various ambiences as forest and wood, bird songs in the countryside, atmospheres of aviaries...
For songs of single birds: bird from A to L - birds from M to Z - birds of prey sfx
bird of prey – raptor »
A collection of cries and calls of raptors and birds of prey: owl, eagle, buzzard, hawk, caracara and also atmospheres of falconry...
bird – A to L »
First part of the bird sound library providing calls and songs of birds from the letter A to L as well as the natural environments: dove, blackbird, chaffinch, crow, jay...
More sounds of birds: birds from M to Z - birds of prey sounds - atmospheres with birds
bird – M to Z »
Second part of the bird sound library with songs and calls of birds from M to Z: song of tits, nightingale, sea bird, parrot, magpie, woodpecker, pigeon, sparrow, robin, redstart...
For more bird sounds check birds of A to L - raptor sounds - ambiences with birds
domestic pets »
All the sound effects of domestic animals and cries of the animal Kingdom: the pets sound effects with purring and meowing cat, barking dog, the little cries of hamster and mouse...
fantasy animal »
Between reality and fantasy, a set of imaginary animals sound effects like cries of monsters and fantastic creatures (dragon, elf,...) and the cute cartoon animals
farm animal »
A collection of farm animals sound effects, all the cries and sounds of cows, pigs, sheep, horse, atmospheres of farmyards, stable, barn and fold...
horse »
A wide library of horse sound effects including : horse neighing, real and foley sounds of horse footsteps at walk, trot and gallop, horse racing and riding environments... All sound effects are royalty free and can be downloaded in WAV and MP3 formats.
marine animal and insect »
Another component of the animals sound effect library providing flying and crawling insects sound effects (fly, mosquito, dragonfly, bee...) and marine animals sound effects (seal, dolphin, penguin, whale...).
wild animal »
Part of the animal sound library, a set of wildlife sound effects providing cries and calls of wild animals: sounds of reptiles, roar of big cats, monkey, wolf and elephants, sound effects of animals from savanna and forest...


air »
All the air sound effects, the sounds that blow and hiss : leak of gas, aerosol, fan, steam jet.
fire »
All the fire sound effects including flame, fire, torch, fireplace or barbecue, all the sounds of lighter, match and zippo.
water »
A large set of flowing water sound effects including everything that makes splash, water drops, streams, rivers, waterfalls, taps, siphon, shower, bubbles...


ambiance ambisonics »

A collection of 360° sounds or ambisonic ambiences for Virtual Reality experiences, You can download sounds of nature, city, country, home and transportation.

The sounds are delivered in a 4 channels WAV files (24bit / 48kHz) in Ambisonic B Format Ambix. Microphone position is indicated in the sound descriptions.

Caution: Ambisonics SFX can be downloaded only with a WAV premium subscription. The MP3 file is a binaural mixdown of the ambisonic SFX.

ambiance surround »

A collection of surround ambiances of countryside, city, transportation. The sounds are delivered in a 4 channels WAV files (24bit / 48kHz).

Caution: Surround SFX can be downloaded only with a WAV premium subscription. The MP3 file is a stereo mixdown of the surround SFX.

Asia »
First part of the Asia sound library providing sound effects and atmospheres from Asia, all the characteristic sounds of countries such as Laos, Japan, Burma, China, Tibet and Thailand. Including sound effects of street and metro, jungle and village atmospheres, religious ceremonies and traditional music recordings.
Asia – India and Nepal »
Another part of the Asia sound library with a set of sounds and atmospheres from India and Nepal: atmospheres of Indian cities and temples, Nepal countryside and forest, transport sounds, music and traditional songs...
Australia »
A collection of sound effects from Australia with a lot of nature atmospheres like rainforest, outback, beach, sounds of Australian birds and frogs... All sounds are royalty free. New sounds coming soon.
big city »
Sounds of big cities and urban atmospheres of cities such as Marseille, Brussels, Amsterdam, Nantes... Sound atmospheres of streets, squares, parks and shops, characteristic bell tower... Also check the pages dedicated to the sounds of Paris and Prague.
city »
A large collection of city sound effects and urban atmospheres like street ambiences, markets, escalators, traffic, public places...
city - Paris »
A library of atmospheres and sound effects of the city of Paris, capital of the France: streets ambiences and large squares, atmospheres of Parisian cafes, restaurants, museums, parks and gardens, sounds of transport in the city of Paris.
city – Prague »
A collection of sounds of the city of Prague - Czech Republic - providing: atmospheres of city and street, sound effects of transport in Prague (metro, bus, tram and taxi), public places ambiences and more.
country »
A library of sounds of the countryside, nature and rural soundscapes recorded in the heart of villages, farms and agricultural areas. This library collects sound elements necessary to compose a beautiful pastoral symphony. For animals sound effects, birds, tractor and gardening, see the categories suggested at the bottom of page.
Europe - France »

A selection amoung the many sounds and ambiances from France in WAV and MP3 formats. You can find city and country sounds, French bar and restaurant ambiances, market and shop SFX, french voices and also train station and airport ambiances.
Check subcategories for more sounds and also visit the page dedicated to Paris sound effects.

Europe - Germany »
A set of sound effects and ambiances from Germany mainly recorded in Berlin. You can download sounds of street, subway, train station and more. All the sounds are royalty free in WAV and MP3 format.
Europe - Iceland »
Other part of European sound library, a collection of sounds and atmospheres from Iceland including sounds of water and extreme natural events, huge waterfalls, geysers and boiling mud pools, Icelandic birds calls, city ambiences like Reykjavik and Iceland villages.
For other sounds from Northern Europe, check the page of the Scandinavia sound effects.
Europe - Italy »
A collection of sound effects from Italy with sounds of street, country, bar, market and more. You can also find sounds and ambiences from Venice.
Europe - Scandinavia »
A trip in Northern Europe with this library of Scandinavia sound effects and atmospheres. It provides a set of recordings made in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Lapland.
For Iceland sounds, check the page of the sound effects of Iceland.
Europe - Spain »
A set of ambiences and sound effects from Spain with street and ramblas ambiances, Barcelona metro SFX, beach and port ambience. All the sounds are royalty free.
exotic nature »
A collection of exotic nature sounds and atmospheres : outdoor ambiances of distant and often exotic destinations like Asia, Africa, Australia.
indoor ambience »
Panorama of indoor atmospheres public and private places and sounds from inside : bar and restaurant ambiences, interior of train and car, hall, supermarket...
outdoor ambience »
A panorama of outdoor atmospheres and sound effects from the outside, from urban, rural and marine environments, atmospheres of party, natural and weather elements... It is a selection of sound effects and atmospheres among the different categories of sounds offered on the site. Feel free to browse these categories to find out other sounds.
sea »
A set of maritime sound effects, sounds in relation to the sea, ocean and beach, port atmospheres, boats and scuba diving sounds.
weather - rain »
Other part of the weather sound library, the rain sound effects and wet atmospheres collection. Here, you can download in WAV and MP3 formats royalty free sounds of rain, light, medium, or heavy, downpour, rain of hail and frost.
weather - thunder »
This set provides all the thunder sound effects including thunder claps and rumble, lightning and stormy atmospheres. All sound effects are royalty free and can be downloaded in WAV and MP3 formats.
Also please check the pages of wind sound effects and rain sound effects.
weather – cold and disaster »
All the sound effects related to cold weather and natural disasters. You will find atmospheres of snowfall, ice, landslide, earthquake or volcano sound effects, meteor and comet... All sound effects are royalty free and can be downloaded in WAV and MP3 formats.
weather – wind »
Next chapter of weather sound effect library, the wind sound effects with various forms of wind from light draught to large storm, including sounds of mistral, wind in the trees, whistling wind and breeze... All of the sound effects are royalty free and for instant download in WAV or MP3 formats.
world atmosphere »
A library of ambiences and sounds from around the world, sounds of other cultures and distant destinations, a set of sound effects that makes you travel: Morocco, Italy, Netherlands, Africa, India, Japan, China, Laos...
For more sounds of these countries, please check pages such as the Asia sound effects, the India and Nepal sound effects or Paris sound effects


Antiquity and Middle-Ages »
A collection of historical sound effects and ambiences from medieval times to Renaissance. There are royalty free sounds of daily life of antiquity and the middle ages with sounds of dishes, drawbridge and portcullis, sound effects of carriage and cart, city and countryside atmospheres, torch, coins and mechanisms...
All sound effects are royalty free and can be downloaded in WAV or MP3 formats.
medieval and fantasy »
All the sounds of fantasy and heroic-fantasy universe : the strange atmospheres, cries of dragon, magic spell and wand, sound effects of opening and closing of secret passage, sounds of elves...


door and window »
A set of door and window sound effects including: sound of door that creaks and slams, sound effects for opening and closing door, window and shutter, set of keys... The door sounds are classified according to the material that composed them (wood, metal, glass). Opening is indicated by the letter O, closing by the letter C. The O-C reference is for sound effects with both an opening and a closing or a sound that can be apply to both.
drink »
All the sound effects related to drink : sounds of cork of champagne and wine, capsule and soda can, sounds of soda and beer poured into a glass, glass on table, bar and Café environments...
home - bathroom and toilets »
Another part of home sound library, with sounds associated to bathroom and toilet: sound of shower and bathtub, sound effects of water disposal, tap, filling flush...
home - bedroom and living »
Sound effects and atmospheres of living room and bedroom to complement the sounds of home. This set provides fireplace sounds, clock, bed that squeaks, writing and paper, room tones...
home - kitchen »
All the sound effects and atmospheres from home kitchen, sounds of daily life. On this page, you can listen to and download the sounds of kitchen, dishes, household, cooking, the sounds of boxes of any kind... All of the world of the kitchen.
home - neighbourhood »
All neighbourhood sounds that can be heard in a house or an apartment, the sound effects of pipe and noisy plumbing, sounds from the neighbours from above, from below and next door.
home - various »
All the home sound effects and atmospheres that doesn't fit with other categories of home sfx. This set provides elevator sound, luggage, furniture, spray can, home alarms... and many more. All the sounds come in WAV and MP3 formats and are royalty free.
home appliances »
Other part of sound effects from home, sounds of daily life with this set of electrical sounds effects like electrical appliances, Hi-fi, video, switch...


Halloween »
A collection of Halloween sound effects and many other sounds that scare including soundscapes of terror especially made for Halloween, sound effects of ghosts, haunted castle and atmospheres of graveyard... For cries of monsters, wolves and other creatures, check the page Halloween - the monsters.
Halloween – the monsters »
Second part of Halloween sounds providing terrifying monsters and creatures sound effects like Evil and creatures laughter and scary animal sounds such as wolf, owl, cat fights...
Also check the page of SFX and atmospheres for Halloween.
horror »
A wide collection of horror sound effects, gory sounds, dripping blood and sounds of terror: burning flesh, blood spatter, atmospheres of torture with guillotine... and many more.


body fall »
A collection of body fall sound effects for human or creature. Some sounds can also be used for falling objects. The sounds are grouped by type of surface on which the fall is performed.
All sounds are in WAV and MP3 formats and royalty free.
crowd »
Another part of the human sound library providing all the sounds of public and crowd with atmospheres of manifestation, stadium, gatherings, applause and audience reactions...
footsteps »
A large foley library of human footstep sound effects on different surfaces, at different speeds (walking, run, jump, scuff) and with different shoes. Royalty free sounds in WAV and MP3 format.
human body sound »
Human body sounds and organic sfx, all the sounds produced by our body like intestinal gurgling, fart, burp, mouth noises, kisses, slaps... All sounds are royalty free and in WAV and MP3 format
illness »
Second part of human sound library with human disease sound effects such as coughing, sneezing, all the symptoms of colds and flu, sounds of hiccup or sniff...
kid »
A page dedicated to children sound effects including school, playground, games, screaming, crying and candy.
laugh »
A set of sounds dedicated to human and creature laughter including man, woman and child laughter, laughing of Father Christmas, witch, Devil, joker and other evil laughter.
scream »
A set of sounds of cry of all kinds: cries of fear, joy, surprise, pain, screaming solo or collective shout...
sexy »
All sexy sounds, carnal and hot, the sound effects and atmospheres in relation to seduction, love, pleasure and sexuality.
voice and speech »
Sounds of human voices like environments with voices, walla, speeches, messages for answering machine, words and expression in many languages. These sounds are available for instant download in WAV and MP3 format.


cafe game »
On this page you will find all the sound effects of coffee or bar games like the pool, billiards, foosball table or pinball games. All sound effects are available in WAV and MP3 format and Royalty Free licensed.
celebration »
All the sound effects and atmospheres from party and celebration: Christmas, gift, carnival atmosphere, popular party atmosphere, sound of firecracker, fireworks, party favors, birthday...
Christmas »
A set of ambiences and sounds for Christmas. It provides all the magic of Christmas in sound effects like sounds of arrival of Santa Claus in sleigh with the bells...
Check also the magical Christmas sounds and the category of Christmas music.
Christmas - magic »
A collection of sounds for the magic of Christmas with magical dust and glitter, magic wand, sound flickering, magical disappearance and appearance and other powder of snake oil... Royalty free sounds for instant download in WAV format and MP3.
Also discover the other page devoted to Christmas sounds with sounds of Santa Claus, sleigh... and the category of Christmas music.
game »
All the toy and game sound effects: children playing, money and casino games, jackpot, toys, recreation, games, models...
music - percussions »
A set of sound effects related to music with sounds of drums and percussions like gong, chimes, spring drum, Tibetan bowl, tablas and other drums... All sounds are royalty free in WAV or MP3 format.
musical »
A set of sounds related to music (scratch, metronome, tap,...) and musical atmosphere such as orchestra tuning, carnival, marching band, traditional music and songs... Royalty free sounds in wav or mp3 format.
sport - combat »
The martial arts sound effects and atmospheres of combat sports such as fencing, judo, karate, boxing, jujitsu and wrestling.
You can also check sound effects of mechanical sport, individual sport sounds and team sports sound effects.
sport - individual »
A collection of individual sports sound effects like golf, rowing, swimming, bow and rifle shooting and equestrian sports.
Find also the sound effects of team sport, the sounds of combat sport and sound effects of mechanical sport.
sport - motorized »
All mechanical sport sound effects with atmospheres of motor racing and motocross, sports cars sound effects, bikes and karting.
sport - team »
Part of sport sound library, a set of sound effects and ambiences of team sport, with sounds of team sports such as football or soccer, basketball, handball, ultimate, hockey... Royalty free sounds in WAV or MP3 format.
Discover also the sound effects of individual sport, the sounds of combat sport and sound effects of mechanical sport.
stupid sounds »
A collection of stupid and funny sounds, sounds with comic intent.


construction and tool »
All the sound effects related to DIY and tools : tools, drill sounds noises, electric arc and buzz, public works, construction site ambience...
For sounds of heavy work, see also the
gardening »
It's here that grow and flower the gardening sounds produced by Sound Fishing. You will find all the sounds of machines and gardening tools like lawnmower, chainsaw, rakes, shovels and watering... All sounds are royalty free for instant download in WAV and MP3 formats.
hi-fi and video »
A collection of photo, video and hi-fi sound effects including ancient and modern gears as a CD and DVD, cassette tape recorders, radios, camera and the old cinema projectors... All sounds are in WAV and MP3 formats with royalty free licence.
hi-tech machine »
The high-tech machines sound collection with electronics, digital and computer machines, machines for communication, medical machines, robot sounds... The sound effects are available for instant download in WAV and MP3 formats.
machine »
A set of machines sound effects with machines of all kinds: sounds of slot machines, sewing machines, escalator and elevator, watch mechanism... All sounds are royalty free for instant download in WAV and MP3 formats.
machinery »
Sound effect's category dedicated to farm machinery and other heavy construction equipment, public works and civil engineering: tractor, backhoe, core drill, crane, combine, excavator...
office »
A collection of office sound effects and atmospheres with ambiences of work, sound effects of paper, writing, books and newspapers, printer...
ring and bell »
A sound collection of ringtones, intercom, bells and bell towers, clocks and pendulums. Everything that makes ding, dong, ring or buzz.
telephone »
The phone sound effects collection with ringtones, tones, noises of handsets and phone booth, answering machine messages.
workshop and construction tool »
The collection of sound effects of machine tools and workshop including all the sound effects and atmospheres of machine tools, workshop, forge, industrial machines and printing press.


clothing - foley »
A set of textiles-based sound effects such as clothing, sheets, Velcro and zippers-lightning, capes... Royalty free clothes foleys in WAV et MP3 format.
crash and break »
This set of sounds provides breaks, debris, damage and disaster sfx. It includes foley sounds for breaking glass, ice, wood, landslide and earthquake, sounds of broken dishes... and any more.
Be sure to check the page of impact sound effects and falling objects sounds.
creak »
All the sound effects and foleys of object and door creaking, squeaking, squealing and friction. For objects in wood, metal and plastic.
impact »
A wide collection of impact sound effects including hits and percussive sounds of different type of materials (wood, plastic, metal, glass). All the sound effects are in WAV and MP3 format and royalty free.
Also remember to check these pages sound effects of damage and breakage and sound effects of falling objects.
object fall »
Falling object foleys collection with of all kind of objects classified according to the material that composed them with sounds of falling bars, sheets and plates in metal, pieces of wood, glass, boxes falling...
All sounds are available in WAV and MP3 formats with royalty free licence.
In addition to falling objects, please check the page of the sound effects of damage and breakage and impact sound effect.


medical »
A sound collection in relation to medical world and hospital: hospital room and waiting room, sound effects of medical machines and human diseases.
money »
A library of sounds of money and bank: safe, jackpot, cash machine, coins and bills sound effects...
sacred »
A set of pious, religious and sacred sound effects: spiritual atmosphere of prayer, mass, call to prayer... All the sounds are royalty free.

sound design

cartoon 1 »
First part of the cartoon collection sounds, a set of cartoon objects and actions sound effects. It includes all the classic sounds of cartoons: twang and boiiing, cartoon footsteps sounds, cartoon weapons and vehicles... You can also find the sounds of cartoon characters and creatures.
cartoon 2 »
Second part of the cartoon sound library dedicated to cartoon characters sound effects with laughter, tears, voices and cartoon animals and small friendly creatures sounds. For cartoon objects and actions sounds, check cartoon 1 sound effects page.
Interface – button & click »
A collection of interface production elements to sound design apps, multimedia menus and web sites : button, click, mouse over, sounds for pop up expansion... All sounds are royalty free and for instant download in WAV and MP3 formats.
To complete, consider visiting the sounds of interface beeps and tones page.
Interface – tones & beeps »
Second part of the interface SFX collection with tone interface production elements, a set created with simple tones. It provides all the sounds for designing apps and devices of all kinds: prompt tone, tone, tone warning connect...
All sounds are royalty free and provided in WAV and MP3 formats.
To complete this series, check out the buttons and clicks interface sounds.
prepared piano »
A set of sounds and sound designs of prepared piano or tortured piano for suspense, horror and Halloween. You can find scrapped, hit, glissando and designed sounds in wav and mp3 format.
production elements 1 »
A collection of short and dynamic production elements. Between sound effects and music, these sounds are very useful for transition and background: static, sweeper, separator, zap, buzz and noises... All sounds are royalty free in WAV and MP3 formats.
production elements dark »
A set of production elements dedicated to create a dark or intense atmosphere: drone, cold shower, exclamation, reinforcer, quack.
science-fiction »
First part of the science fiction and futuristic sounds library with sounds of robot, lasers guns, futuristic machines, futuristic atmospheres...
For space shuttle and ship sounds, see sounds of sci-fi transportation.
science-fiction transportation »
The futuristic transport sound library including sounds of space shuttle and spaceship and also other vehicles like car, motorcycle and futuristic trains.
Be sure to check the other page of science fiction sound effects for sounds of robot, creature, futuristic weapon...
All sound effects are in WAV or MP3 formats and royalty free.
whoosh »
A collection of whoosh production elements to strengthen the movement and fast pass by impressions, sound effects to energize trailers and transitions.


aircraft »
On this page you will find all the airplane and helicopter sound effects, modern and ancient, as well as airport and airfield atmospheres. The aircraft sounds are classified by type of plane: airliners, aerobatic plane or small props planes. Good flight!
See also the page of military aircraft sound effects.
antique car »
A collection of antique cars sound effects classified by model or by historical period. Royalty free sounds of the Citroen 2CV and Traction, Hispano-Suiza, pre-war cars... Also check the sport car sound effects for antique sport cars.
boat »
A sound library of ships and boats of all kinds: boat, modern and antique ship, ferry, submarine, canoe, fishing boat, sailboat and also foghorn. All the sound effects are royalty free for instant download in WAV and MP3 format.
car »
All the sound effects needed for sound projects with cars: door, turn signal, horn, skid, accident, windshield wipers, interior ambiences, car pass by, pull away and arrival...
car specific »
Sounds of cars by complete series : all the sounds of cars such as Toyota Yaris, Opel Corsa, sports and race cars.
car sport »
A collection of sport car sound effect with sounds of famous manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini... You can also found recordings of racecourse and american cars like Ford Mustang. All sounds are royalty free and for instant download.
carriage and team »
A collection of antique and modern teams sound effects including trolleys, carts, sleighs, carriages, hansom cab, coach and other horse-drawn. Royalty free historical sounds for instant download in WAV or MP3 formats.
freight train »
Second part of the train sound library, a collection of sound effects of freight, locomotives, trams and other atmospheres of railyard and sounds of railroad machines like points and grade crossing.
horn and siren »
A collection of horn and siren sound effects also including foghorn and other alarms of car, boat, train, bicycle, truck... A section is also dedicated to the sirens of emergency vehicles such as firefighters, police and ambulances. All sounds are royalty free in WAV and MP3 formats.
military airplane »
This library includes war planes sound effects with old and modern aircraft like fighters, carriers, bombers, and military training airplanes. The sound effects are royalty free in WAV and MP3 formats.
motorcycle and moped »
A collection of motorcycles and two-wheeled transport sound effects including motorbike, ATV, moped, scooter, bike and sounds of antique motorcycles such as Vespa, Lambretta, Norton.
passenger train »
First part of the train sound library with a page dedicated to the sounds of passenger trains. Sounds of pass bys and interior atmospheres of subway, commuter trains and regional trains.
Check also the or sound effects of freight trains.
steam train »
A collection of sounds of steam train and tram covering the period from 1898 to 1925. This library provides sounds for pass by, departures and arrivals of train, sounds of locomotives and wagons, steam release and whistles sounds... All of the sounds are royalty free in WAV and MP3 formats.
train station »
Another railway sound set with all the sounds and atmospheres of station including ambiences, station and train announcements, ringtones and station jingles, luggage...
transport various »
Various sound effects of transport including all the mechanical sounds of different means of transport which do not have found their place among the other means of transport: sounds of bus, skateboard, truck, service station. All the sound effects are royalty free in WAV or MP3 formats.


explosion and bomb »
A collection of royalty free sound effects of explosions and bombs for instant download in WAV and MP3 format. This set includes close and distant explosions, explosions with or without debris, destruction of building, underwater explosions, bombing, space explosions and mortar.
fight »
The sound effects of combat and fights including atmospheres of battlefield, sounds of war, punches and brawl, cries of kung fu...
weapon »
All ancient and modern weapons sound effects, all you need to design atmosphere of war and combat with firearm, projectile weapons or stabbing: sound effects of gun, bow, sword, missile, knife...

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