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Sound packs > The SoundHunter sound pack

The SoundHunter sound pack 6,00 €

The SoundHunter sound pack

The SoundHunter sound pack : listen to audios extracts

Tracklist :

1. Walking on St Charles' Bridge (6mn15s) - Czech Republic
2. Gamla Stan (4mn55s) - Sweden
3. The West Highland Way (4mn30s) - Scotland
4. Boat Trip on the Ganges (6mn17s) - India and Nepal
5. Boat Trip on the Ganges (long version) (14mn58s) - India and Nepal
6. CD cover (image PDF)


A series of postcards sound across Europe and Asia, a collection of soundscapes recorded and mixed by The Soundhunter.
Trip by sound : taking Stereophonic sound that I practice is a real hearing extension, it can defy the boundaries of what cannot be touched, seen, or still felt to suggest colors, flavors and sensations. Such a Hunter stalking game, I go in search of sounds, music, and atmosphere. These recordings are pearls sound unearthed here and there, testimony during various trips and meetings. I wish you good listening!
The Soundhunter
Available in a pack to download (MP3 320 kbps 90 MB) for only €5.

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