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  • Music for suspense and horror

    Need scary and spooky music for Halloween? Find dozens of loud, terrifying and monstrous musics. Ideal music tracks for sound designing your Halloween projects!
    Music for suspense and horror

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    If you want to have a quick look to new tracks and last updates, check the new tracks page to find the last 50 tracks added.
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Stock music for instant download

Because music adds colour to images, underlines messages and builds up emotions, Sound Fishing offers types of stock music in formats, styles and licences modified to suit the needs of each situation. Commonly called stock music, the musical works selected by Sound Fishing create a strong cinematic impression and will allow you to dress up your films, videos, websites, multimedia projects.

Different licences

There are three types of licence for stock music. Next to the description of each piece of music, you will find a 3-4 letter code indicating the relevant licence: LESF, LMK or OGD. The LESF licence is a royalty free licence, available for all types of use. The LMK licence is also copyright free but is reserved for private/family use in its free version, the paid version allows for commercial/professional use. Lastly, the OGD licence concerns pieces of music belonging to the catalogue a society of authors such as SACEM. We invite you to read about these licences in more detail.

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Different composers

To provide you with a diverse choice of stock music, Sound Fishing offers works from various authors/composers. Their names appear in each music description. In the absence of the composer’s name, the music has been made by the Sound Fishing team. If you want to know more about any of the composers, find out which type of licence is related to their work, download their track lists or take contact with him/her, we refer you to the composers’ page.