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Sound effects and soundscapes for immediate download

You can instantly download thousands of free sounds as well as sounds reserved for Sound Fishing Club subscribers. All listed sound fx and soundscapes are produced by Sound Fishing. We record and edit everything in our own studio so that you can enjoy sounds which are 100% original, exclusively available on Sound Fishing (WAV and MP3 format) Each week, new sounds are uploaded, further expanding the sound library’s many categories; animal sounds, cartoon sounds, sci-fi, soundscapes from various countries – we offer 130 sound categories. Some sound fx are also compiled into sound packs for download, produced by Sound Fishing. Downloading is simple - if the sound is free of charge, just click on the green button where it says “free”; if it's a “Club WAV” or “Club MP3” sound, you will need to subscribe (Sound Fishing Premium) and then log into your account. The red buttons will then turn green and you may proceed to download.

Sound Fishing Premium

In addition to the 1855 free sound fx, subscription to the Sound Fishing Premium gives you access to 10550 additional sound fx for a few euros. Become Premium Member and Enjoy.

Premium MP3

All Premium sounds are downloadable in MP3 format (stereo / 44.1kHz / 192kbps)

1 day 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year
4€80 6 10€80 19€90 32€40
To subscribe to Premium MP3, you first need to log in or register for free.

Premium WAV + MP3

All Premium sounds are downloadable in WAV format (24bit / 48kHz) and MP3 (stereo / 44.1kHz / 192kbps)

1 day 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year
19€80 26€40 52€80 74€90 99€90
To subscribe to Premium WAV + MP3, you first need to log in or register for free.

A unique licence for use of all sound effects

For ease of use, the sound fx, soundscapes and jingles are all offered under LESF licence, a royalty free licence which allows you to use the sounds you have downloaded freely and without additional cost or concern for paperwork. All you need to do is to register, free of charge, on the website to activate the licence. You can then freely use sound fx, soundscapes and jingles for the screening of projects like corporate films, videos, animated films, video games, website or live shows. Read more about the LESF licence to get acquainted with the terms of use.

Latest updated SFX categories :

  • >> Human - voices and speech : added French walla sound effects - Premium SFX.
  • >> Cartoon sound effects : added cartoon cat meow sound effects - Premium SFX.
  • >> Pets sound effects : added cat meows and purring sound effects - Premimum and free SFX.
  • >> Kitchen sound effects : a set of tea pot and moka pot sound effects added - Premium SFX.
  • >> Cold and desaster sound effects : added sound of ice and frozen lake - Premium SFX.
  • >> Phone sound effects : added sounds of old rotary phones - Premium SFX.
  • >> Farm animals sound effects : added bleating goats and goat shed ambiances - Premium SFX
  • >> Birds from M to Z sound effects : added sounds of stork, owl, smew, avocet - Premium & free sound effects.
  • >> Clothe sound effects : added antique loom and sewing machines sound effects - Premium SFX.
  • >> Ambisonics ambiances : added pine forest ambisonic ambiances (360° for VR) - Premium SFX
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