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ambient / dark ambient »
All the music and soundscapes in the style of ambient, new age and dark ambient
electro / dance / rap »
All stock music in electro, dance, drum and bass and hiphop musical style for instant download.
orchestral / electro-orchestral »
All stock music piece in the classical, orchestral and electro-orchestral style
rock / blues / pop »
All stock music in rock, metal, folk, blues and pop-rock style
solo instruments »
Stock music, short or long played by solo instruments like the piano, violin, music box, accordion...
world music / reggae / dub »
World music inspired by traditional and ethnic music, reggae, dub, latin music... Stock music for web, TV, film, video, multimedia and corporate.

music by mood

action / adventure »
All the music and musical elements for action and adventure games, films and videos.
celebration / kid »
Stock music for child and ceremonies, festivities such as birthday music or Christmas music... Royalty free music for instant download.
corporate / business »
Music and musical elements for corporate and institutional promotion and products ads.
dark and melancholic »
Dark and sad music for film, TV and multimedia. This set evokes melancholy, nostalgia and sadness.
positive and happiness »
Stock music with a positive mood, referring to happiness, joy in various musical styles.
suspense / horror »
Stock music to accompany the atmospheres of tension, suspense and horror.

music by timing

credits music »
Stock music elements created for scoring TV, radio, documentary or video games.
music for web »
A set of stock music for the web: music optimized for internet sites with sound loops and royalty free intros.
short music »
A set of jingles and short elements of music in different musical styles to design any visual or multimedia project.
soundscape / background »
A set of ambient and dark ambient music including soundscapes and drones. This set includes discreet musics and soundscapes but intense usually beatless. They serve as background or to enhance a special atmosphere.
stock music »
Complete pieces of stock music in different musical styles for designing movies, documentaries, multimedia projects.

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