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European and worldwide sound effect library.

drums-only music (13 Tracks)

A collection of drums-only stock music in various styles and moods. These drum tracks are an easy way to sound design all kinds of production. All tracks are royalty free music available in wav format.

action drums-only

listen / title length / description MP3 WAV
African MPC 01:41[ licence : LESF ] African percussion ensemble for positive and bewitching mood - medium tempo
Power Stomp drums 01:56[ licence : LESF ] Electro percussion ensemble with hammering rhythm – for action – mid tempo
Sci-fi Deep Trailer drums 01:23[ licence : LESF ] Massive percussion ensemble mixing acoustic and electronic instruments – for sci-fi action and power – medium tempo
Training drums 01:22[ licence : LESF ] Straight electronica rhythm with various percussions – for sport action – medium tempo
Trance Drums 02:15[ licence : LESF ] Electro and acoustic percussion ensemble with electronica type rhythm – for fast action like chase or crazy moment – fast tempo
Wild Beat voices 01:05[ licence : LESF ] Batucada percussive ensemble with clap and voices – for chasing action – fast tempo

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positive drums-only

listen / title length / description MP3 WAV
Hip hop scratch and claps 00:41[ licence : LESF ] Hip-Hop beat with claps and scratch – for futuristic industrial or post-apocalyptic ambience – slow mid tempo
Latin castanets and human percussions 00:32[ licence : LESF ] Latin percussion ensemble for positive and dynamic transition – medium fast tempo
Oriental Claps loop 00:47[ licence : LESF ] Oriental inspiration drum track for loop play – for positive or neutral mood – mid tempo
Powerful Drums and Claps 00:41[ licence : LESF ] Massive percussion ensemble mixing electronic and acoustic instruments – for urban power and reflexion – mid tempo
Summer trip drums and claps 01:24[ licence : LESF ] One-size-fits-all rhythm with drum box claps and percussions – for neutral ambience – medium tempo
Trip Hop Urban Drums 00:51[ licence : LESF ] Trip Hop style drum track with drums rhythm and sweeping of percussion effects – for technological and futuristic ambience – slow tempo
Upbeat hip hop drums claps and castanets 01:35[ licence : LESF ] Progressive Hip-Hop rhythm with hand claps and castanets – for neutral background – medium fast tempo

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