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Murmures d'un Songe (Vincent Lemarchand)

You want to download and use the track "Murmures d'un Songe" composed by Vincent Lemarchand.

To use this track in your project

The musical works of Vincent Lemarchand belong to SACEM. Applications are reserved solely for professionals.

To use these works, you will need to:

1) get authorisation from Vincent Lemarchand. To do so, you must complete the form below. Your request will automatically be sent to the musician who will then take contact with you as soon as possible. Vincent Lemarchand freely grants the use of his music.

The payment of SACEMs fees remains the responsibility of the producer and/or distributor.

2) declare how it will be used to the organization responsible for the management of its rights (SACEM, SDRM, SESAM ...)


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